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Event: User clicks “Next >”

The Next button is a widget in the WizardContainer.

When the user clicks next, the currently displayed page (the last page on the path) is asked to update the WizardSettings.

Next, the PageFactory is provided with the current list of WizardPages that the user has seen (which is empty if the wizard was just created) and the WizardSettings map. The PageFactory must determine the next WizardPage based on these inputs, create or retrieve the page, and return it to the WizardContainer.

The WizardContainer is registered with the page returned from the PageFactory, so that the page has access to enable/disable the navigation buttons as needed, or make other queries should the need arise.

Next, the path is updated, adding the new page to the end of the list of pages visited.does not

The size of the path is now used to determine if the “Prev” button should be enabled or disabled (if there is no previous page, it is disabled).

The new page is then told that it is about to be displayed by calling page.rendering(path, getSettings()). This gives the page the opportunity to adjust it’s content based on the current path and settings without imposing on the PageFactory’s ability to cache pages.

Finally, the PageTemplate is given the new page, and the WizardListeners are notified of the change.

Event: User clicks “< Prev”

Event: User clicks “Finish”

Event: User clicks “Cancel”