CJWizard is a framework that allows you to easily build Wizard functionality sinto a Java Swing/JFC application.

It currently works with Java 7 or newer. You can use an Oracle JVM or one from one of the OpenJDK vendors.

The current release is 1.0.9.

The project leads are Steve Sobol (Github) (that's me!) and Alex O'Ree (Github), and I want to give special recognition to Rogan Creswick, creator of this project, as well as Peti Koch, one of the original contributors, who are helping transition the project over to me. I'm excited to be the new owner of the project. CJWizard is an awesome library; plus, I've used open-source software since late 1995 (Red Hat Linux 4.1 and sendmail), and I'm way overdue to give back to the community.

We now have a Slack channel, for those who need support! Email steve [at] LobosStudios.com to get an invite to the channel. Paid support options will also be made available soon.

Maven-generated docs are available here.

CJWizard is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, and the source code is available in our Github repo. If you want to download binaries using Maven, Gradle or Ivy, you'll want to check out the README, which gives details on how to grab the binaries from our Bintray repo, too.